Why Do So Many People Hate their Jobs?

The economy sucks and millions of people are out of work. Millions more are underpaid, exploited and unhappy with their jobs. Why do so many people hate their jobs and what on earth can they do about it?

What is it about the nine to five that we all dislike? What can we do if we lose our jobs and is it necessarily a bad thing if you do? I'm going to address this hot topic today and give my own opinions.

Why Do So Many People Hate Their Jobs?

Are you angry at your job?

People hate their jobs for many reasons and some are very common. Going to a job is not a natural thing to do. In ancient human history we'd have gone hunting, fishing and gathering. That was a job in the old days. Since the advent of civilization we've created for ourselves a jobs based economy. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution that trend has accelerated to where it's necessary to have a job to survive unless you are super wealthy from the outset.

That being said, in an opinion poll by gallup in the year 2011, over 70% of people said they hated their work. I am pretty sure now, in 2016 that number has risen, somewhat. With all this economic turmoil that we're experiencing what can we do to circumvent these all too common problems? I'll give you some ideas later, I have a few. But right now I'd like to talk about a few reasons so many people think their jobs suck!

Bad Bosses

bad bosses make you hate your job

If you've never been in the situation where you want to tell your boss to go to hell, I envy you. So many employers have no idea how to treat their workforce respectfully. They can be ignorant, rude, inconsiderate, and plain old mean. It's not always the case though, not all bosses are a-holes. I've had a mixed bag myself. What's your boss like? Maybe you ARE the boss, are you a good boss? How do you treat your workforce? Do you treat your employees like slaves to exploit or real live human beings with feelings and real problems of their own? Are you a compassionate boss who is loved by all your workers?

Bad Pay

Pay cuts make people hate working

Even if you've got a great boss, you might have a low paid job. This might be your bosses fault or it might not. Do you have a low paid job that you know you should be paid more for? You might have an awesome boss and great pay. Maybe you've got a bad boss but you put up with them because of the good pay. Maybe you have a good boss and you put up with the low pay because you like having a good boss. Tell me about it, I'd love to hear.


Being over worked will make you hate your job

Maybe you're doing 60 or 70 or more hours per week and you're shattered. Maybe you want to work so hard or you have to work so hard. What's your situation?

Are you overworked and underpaid or underworked and overpaid? It does occasionally happen to some lucky people. What's your particular situation?


Commuting to work

We all have to get to work somehow, right? Is it by car and you get caught in traffic every day? What a bummer that is. An hour getting to work in the morning and an hour getting home from work.

That's 2 hours out of 24 gone! Not to mention the fuel costs and the damage to the environment when you burn those fossil fuels.

Do you walk to work or ride a bike to get to your workplace? Do you have to take a train to get to work, or the subway perhaps? Some people have to fly to work, what about you? Do you have to take a plane?


It is expensive going to work

Of course, it costs you money to travel to work. But those aren't the only expenses you have to deal with. What about work clothes? What about tools for work that you have no choice but to buy for yourself? Maybe you have a uniform that your employer insists you buy. Maybe you're working in an office environment and you have to wear smart suits, which can be expensive.

What other costs are there? Food is one. You often have to buy something to eat while at work and that can be overpriced food from local restaurants or it could be packed lunches you brought from home. You gotta eat, right? Often times eating at work can be more expensive than eating at home.


Who will take care of the kids?

Have you got kids? If you do, who takes care of them when you're at work? Do they go to school? Do you have to pay for their schooling or is that free? Then there's the expenses of kids uniforms, kids food and whatever else going to school will cost you.

Do you have toddlers that aren't at school yet? Maybe you have to pay someone to take care of them while you head off to work. That's an additional expense. It seems so far that we have to "pay" to go to work, doesn't it? We're only just getting started!

Bad Coworkers

Putting up with bad coworkers can be a problem

Do you have to work with bad coworkers who make life hell in the workplace for you and others? Are they rude, loud mouthed idiots? I've met a few of those types in my time.

The stories I could tell you, but I won't get off track. How are the people you have to work with every day? Do you like them or hate them?

Health Problems Brought on By the Workplace

Health problems associated with work

There is nothing more important than your health. If you work somewhere that is detrimental to your health there can be costs for that, also. What about going to the doctors, health insurance and the money you might have to pay for medicines?

What about time off sick? That will put a hole in your bank account for sure in lost earnings. What about the cost in terms of stress on your health? Stress can cause many a disease.

Do you have a high-stress job that is harming your health and what is the cost going to be when you add all the costs of illness up?

Pay Cuts

Have you had a pay cut?

Pay cuts seem to be happening all over the place these days. The economy is what is blamed every time. They say that the world is in debt by over 20 trillion dollars. lol.

I have a question about that. To whom does the world owe over 20 trillion dollars? Jupiter? That makes you think, doesn't it? What's going on?

But let's not go on about politics here today. The topic is why do so many people hate their jobs and what they can do about it.


work can be dangerous

Many jobs can be dangerous. Such jobs in themselves can make you hate your work. Maybe you have to climb telephone towers or handle super hot frying oil in a kitchen.

Maybe your life is on the line every time you clock in. Are you a cop? Are you a security guard or a life guard of some type?

There is of course the danger of road accidents on your way to or from work. It happens. Do you have a lot of danger in your job? Do you have to travel on roads that frequently have accidents? Just a thought.

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So far this is all pretty glum, isn't it? Are you surprised about that 70% number now? Does 70% seem about right in your mind now when you think about how many don't like their jobs? Are you one of those 70%?

Okay, enough of the negative stuff now. Above you've just read about a lot of reasons people don't like their jobs. Next up is what people can do to improve their situations if they hate it at work.

What can we do if we hate our jobs?

There are opportunities everywhere, even in the current bad economic climate. There are a plethora of options at your feet if you hate your job. Would you like to hear some of my best suggestions?

I thought you might. Alright, what can you do if you need change? Here are some cool things you could do. They won't all be to your liking but I think you will get a few good ideas.

Suggestion 1 - Change Your Job

The first suggestion is an obvious one. You can look for another job. It's hard, I know, these days it's very competitive and everyone seems to be going for the same job as you.

But with a little luck and a decent resume, or curriculum vitae as some say, you might get an interview or two depending upon your skill set. You could find a better job than your current one and it might give you the fulfillment that you year for.

Suggestion 2 - Start Your Own Business

If you have the funds in the bank or you can get a loan to start your own business then you could indeed have your own business on your own terms.

I've never built a business in the offline world, but I've considered it from time to time. I just never did have enough money to do it. But you might have the funds available.

Suggestion 3 - Early Retirement

If you're at an age where you can afford to retire early, you could quit working completely. I wouldn't like to do that though because I feel that I will always need to keep on doing something to keep me occupied.

We're all different though so that is a suggestion only for some people. Are you ready, and more importantly, able to retire early? It's an option you might want to consider. If that's not for you, don't worry. I have lots of other suggestions coming up.

Suggestion 4 - Make Money Online

This is an interesting option, isn't it? You can earn money online so many ways I couldn't possibly list them all. I will list a few though, and these are all tried and tested.

Here's a list of a few things you could make money online with. I'm particularly biased about one or two of these options myself because that's what I do these days.

I don't want a job and I know that sounds crazy to you but if you read this you will understand why. I wrote about that here.

Working from home and not having to deal with any of those problems I listed above is a big bonus to me. I've had my fair share of jobs in the offline world and I've been exploited and underpaid.

I've been overworked and underworked also and I have had all the other problematic issues such as travel, finding and paying for childcare.

Other expenses that make working not worthwhile include unfair rates of taxation. I've also suffered stressful times and from bad health problems brought on by the very job I was doing to pay the bills. I will never work for anyone again, that's a promise!

Ready for those ideas so you can quit the rat-race?

I've numbered them and at the top is my number one preference, like I already mentioned this is my own preferred way to make money online and I love it for a reason.

1. Affiliate Marketing

This rocks my socks and it might just rock yours too. Affiliate marketing is better described as blogging, or, writing articles about stuff to make commissions. I love the affiliate marketing way to make money online because it's the most cost-effective way.

The capital you have to invest is minimal and I really can't think of a cheaper way to earn a full time income online than this one. To read more about affiliate marketing read a review of Wealthy Affiliate. They teach you how to do affiliate marketing online as well as many other techniques such as email marketing.

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Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to a business community of helpers, websites of your very own, free hosting and tools to get you started with your own profitable online website. Affiliate marketing, if done right, can be extremely lucrative.

But you need proper training to learn it and that is why the Wealthy Affiliate is my number 1 recommendation. It is the best place you can learn to make money online and affiliate marketing is not all they teach.

2. Sell things on eBay

You could make a full time income online by learning how to sell things on ebay for a profit. Many people buy stuff cheap at thrift stores, or car boot sales and the likes then then list those items on eBay and sell them. It can be turned into a profitable little empire if you learn how it's best done.

There's many a tutorial online to learn how and also you could check out Wealthy Affiliate (mentioned above) to learn how to do it the right way. Wealthy Affiliate teaches many ways to make money on the internet.

3. Selling Photos

There are places on the internet that buy photographs from you if they're good enough. Perhaps you're a bit of a photography buff and you want to sell your works. It can be done.

4. Writing ebooks

Sell ebooks on Amazon's Kindle platform. There is an awesome way to learn how to do that and that is K Money Mastery 2.0. It's a tried and tested formula where you don't even have to do any writing or book cover designs yourself.

You can outsource all of the work for you. You can make a decent amount of money in residual income doing this.

5. Writing Articles

You could do freelance writing for other people to use on their websites. This is called guest blogging. You can learn how to blog so you can then do that in my number 1 recommendation above.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches so many ways. There are places online like odesk, Fiverr and many more that want people for writing jobs.

6. Teach

There are a lot of places online that will pay you to teach a language or any other subject on Skype. You could do that in the comfort of your own home, too, just like all the other options here.

7. Graphics and Logo Design

Perhaps this is your field. If you're a bit of a graphics design pro then you could easily make money designing logos and other graphics for website owners, bloggers and such on the internet.

As an example, the logo you see here at beststayhomejobs.com was created by someone who does Fiverr gigs. They make heaps of money every month doing what they love doing. Do you love designing graphics? This is for you.

8. Translation

Again, similar to some of these other options, you could find a site that gives you jobs to do translating from one language into another. If you're bilingual this might be right up your alley.

9. PTC

This is not one of the best ways to make money but I think it is the easiest way to make money online. It doesn't pay too much, unless you get referrals with your affiliate link to help multiply what you make. PTC means Paid to Click and you can read about that right here.

10. Binary Options

I had to mention this way to earn money online even though I do not recommend it at all. Some people do make a lot of money with binary options. Binary options is gambling, basically. I'd rather stay away from this way to make a living.

It's too risky and you can lose a lot of money just as easily as you made it. Stick to something more stable such as any of the suggestions above. Don't say I didn't warn you.

11. Revshare

Revshare seems to be popular but I don't like this method either. Here's why.

12. Youtube

You could create a youtube channel and monetize it. You'd have to make videos for the channel, of course. Monetizing can be done by way of Adsense. You can also learn about how to do that at Wealthy Affiliate above in suggestion number 1.

13. Paid Surveys

You could be the type of person who doesn't mind answering lots of questions. I previously wrote about one place and that it called Paid ViewPoint. It's a bit boring in my opinion, but find a good one and combine it with other ways to make money and you will put some pennies in your piggy bank.

14. Flip Websites

What? This is buying (or creating) a website and selling it on for a profit. Flippa is one such place you can buy or sell websites. There's money to be made if you know how to build a website.

Remember my number 1 suggestion? Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to build a website with WordPress. You could flip sites for money.

15. Email Marketing

This is more easily done when you have a website and there is a saying in the field of making money online and that is "the money is in the list" which is very true. Wealthy Affiliate also teaches that.

No Limits

You are not limited to just one business model. In fact, it's better not to put all of your eggs in one basket. If one job goes down the pan you can always tap into the others you've taken on to replace the income lost.

It's a wise move to make sure you don't put all of your efforts and or money into one way to make money online. Sometimes you have to invest a little to get more back, that's business the world over, online and offline.

Some jobs will require you to invest a little, but in the end, it's an investment in yourself. An example could be Fiverr gigs.

Let's say you're an animated video maker and you want to make videos and sell them on Fiverr. You might have to buy some software if you don't already have it.

Just an after thought to leave you with. I hope you took away some value from this post today. If not, let me know in the comments below and I'll address any concerns you might have.

If you have questions about any of these suggestions or if you have some other suggestions that you think I should add to this list then go right ahead and let me know below.

My Name's Jim! Thanks for reading why so many people hate their jobs. It's been a pleasure. Good luck in all of your exploits, whether offline or online.

Take care. Over and out!

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8 thoughts on “Why Do So Many People Hate their Jobs?”

  1. Thanks James,

    You’ve covered a lot of ground in this post. I have read some similar posts on this subject but I have to say, yours is the most intelligent and clearly written offering many options.

    You clearly thought everything through and I can tell you are successful. Tell me, can anyone do what you have done?

    • Hey there, Carl!

      Anybody with an internet connected device, determination and patience can do a lot of online jobs. The level of success they can hope to achieve depends solely upon their willingness to stick at it until they start earning. When they do start earning, it can be slow. But over time, as you implement more of what you’ve learned, more of what works and less of what doesn’t work, success indeed is possible for anyone. There were times I wanted to give up, I’ve failed more times than I can remember. I kept going, even when I was earning zero dollars. If I’d given up at those points I never would be where I am. So, it’s not “easy” to make money affiliate marketing, but it sure is worth the effort once it starts paying off. How patient are you? How determined are you? How willing are you to learn new stuff? It’s all good fun!

      Thanks for dropping in, Carl.


  2. Hi Jim, You took your readers into consideration when you wrote this post. Thanks for the suggestion about how to make additional income. I am retired and can use the extra money. I like the term you use about “put some pennies in your piggy bank” that’s what taking surveys is doing to me. I have decided against them. I am glad I found your site, I will visit again soon. Thank you.


    • Hey Luna,

      Glad you found some useful stuff here, that’s what this is all about. Never put all your eggs in one basket, look into multiple streams of income. Recently I’ve learned how to increase revenues on PTC sites and that is a blog post coming up soon, which should be helpful to those interested in PTC (paid to click)


  3. Hi James (JimBo), Great article. I am a victim of not liking jobs for a few of the reasons you’ve listed. I became so desperate once that I tried Binary Options…ughh. I agree with you about it being pure gambling. Have you ever fallen into that trap? Anyway, I was always fortunate though not to have to work while my children were small, but I know so many who do and I feel for them. You’ve listed some great ideas about how to make money in other ways. I personally like Wealthy Affiliate the best. WA pours so much knowledge into its members, teaching to lay the foundation for a sustainable business. Here’s to OUR success! ~Kay

    • hi there Kay,

      Thanks for dropping in. Connect with me within Wealthy Affiliate and I’ll throw some tips your way. Currently I’m working on a new strategy to make more money on PTC sites, you can expect a blog post all about it really soon. Yes, it’s a shame in today’s world where we parents have to leave the kids all day with someone else, or at school. I prefer to spend every day with my kids as anyone would. Working online allows me to do that. While I sit at my computer “playing” with my websites the kids can sit and play with their toys, and if they want me or need me, I’m there!

      Gambling is indeed no way to build a successful online business. I’ve known many a gambling addict and they’re all broke. It just takes one small win to get them addicted and they think they’re going to win big time one day. The house always wins in the end.


  4. Hello Jame, what a wonderful post about hating one’s job. I am sure everyone can relate to at least one of the topics. I appreciate you listing different ways to make pennies and save! 🙂 I am retired and love to supplement my income with any pennies I can find! I will definitely share this site with all of my friends!
    With Kind Regards,


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