How to Earn Money with Blogging Starting Today

Today I'm going to tell you about how to earn money with blogging because it's one of the best methods that exist to generate income on the internet. There are more ways to make money online than I can count and some are easier than others. I would say that blogging is one of the easiest ways once you've mastered the techniques you need to know.

What is a Blog?

A blog is an article which is written on a website. The word blog comes from the combination of two words which are web and log. Add them together and you get weblog, more commonly known as a blog. Think of it as writing a diary entry but this one is for the world to read. You certainly don't want your blog to be a secret that's locked away under your bed because nobody would read it, would they? Blogging is best done with your own website if you really want to make some lovely cash.

Can You Learn How to Earn Money with Blogging?

Can you learn to blog for money?

Absolutely anyone can learn how to earn money with blogging these days with free websites, free tools to find keywords and a bit of a passion for something. You would be amazed at the earning potential too. Some people make tens of thousands of dollars a month from blogging alone. Everyone has a passion for something, don't they? What's your passion? Your passion is the niche that you should be writing blogs in. Simple.

How to Make Money with Blogging Starting Today

What you must do is to choose something, a topic that you love.  This is something that you are passionate about and you can never get bored writing about. Next, what you have to do is get a website and start your blogging.

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After that, you will need to join an affiliate program such as Clickbank or ShareASale where you will find products in your niche to promote on your site.

How to Make Money with Blogging

These products (or services) are what you get commissions from. When someone reads your blog post about product X, and they like what you say about it, they buy the product through your affiliate link on your website. Easy, right?

With a bit of care and attention to keyword research, every blog you write begins to get visitors to your site from Google or other search engines. The more blogs you have the more visitors you will get to your website.

With a bit of care and attention to keyword research, every blog you write begins to get visitors to your site from Google or other search engines. The more blogs you have the more visitors will come to your website.

How to Start a Blog for Free and Make Money

Starting out is the most frustrating time because, in the beginning, you'll be getting barely any visitors because your website is so new and you have only a little bit of content.

Read more on keyword research here. This is the crucial make or break point where so many people give up.

If you'd like to learn of the 4 top tools that I recommend to get up and running with a successful online business read this post here.

The key is to keep going despite not making money yet. Just know that one day the money will start trickling in.

As you improve, your website will grow and so will the number of visitors coming to read your articles.

When that happens you are going to see an increase in revenues generated from all those words of wisdom you've put on your website.


What Do You Write About?

You write about that topic or topics that you love. If you love a topic such as dog-training then you could consider yourself a bit of an expert compared to someone who has a dog but doesn't know how to train it.

This is where you give them valuable information and you introduce them to a solution to their problem. That solution could be the product you are recommending they get, such as a dog training ebook you've got promoted on your website.

Where Can You Learn How to Earn Money with a Blog?

What is the wealthy affiliate about?

I learned how to build a website and how to blog for cash at Wealthy Affiliate. I learned keyword research and social media marketing.

I'm still learning a bunch of things every day. I'm still a member at this sensational place because there is always something new to learn.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone wanting to learn how to earn money online. You're going to meet a lot of like-minded new friends there.

I don't know of a better place online and I've looked. I'm happy there and if you're looking for a way to learn the correct ways to make money blogging then I can promise you that this place has everything you could ever need and then some!

There is a free starter membership account for anyone wanting to try their hand at this make money online stuff with websites and blogging.

I'd suggest you join the free membership there so you can check it out, build a free website, get heaps of awesome advice and access to the best online business training in the world, bar none!

Try Before You Buy

If you'd like to test the waters at Wealthy Affiliate, create a free account. If not, then I fear that you'll have to search google and youtube for other ways to learn.

I guarantee that method alone will have you confused and frustrated and doing all the wrong things.

Find out what I told a friend of mine when he asked me, "Is the Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?" You might end up using out-dated techniques, falling for scams, losing money rather than making it.

Don't do that.

Do it the right way. Do it the Wealthy Affiliate way and you'll make money from blogging.

Go get your free account at Wealthy Affiliate and get started today. I'll greet you once you arrive there. If you'd like to read more about what Wealthy Affiliate is about you can do so here.

Thanks for reading how to earn money with blogging and I hope to see you on the other side of Wealthy Affiliate when you create your account.  Until next time, I'll see you later!

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See The #1 Recommended Training That Shows You How to Make Money Online...

Learn all you need to know about making money on the internet

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  1. Writing, building my site within WA at present. Only been at it for 3 weeks so I’m very new to it. Am writing posts but haven’t got to the BLOG part yet. I don’t know how to convert a post to a blog and will be looking into this.

    • Hey there Trevor there’s lots of training coming up that will help you out. Don’t skip any steps, ask questions if you get stuck and keep performing all the tasks laid out in the tutorials. Keep up the good work!

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  2. Hi James

    I was already blogging and was trying to learn more about online marketing when I came across Wealthy Affiliate. I can tell you that after blogging for 4 years and having my own online store I couldn’t believe my luck when I found their website.

    One place that provides me with absolutely everything I need from the online marketing training, to support and connecting with like minded people. I still can’t believe how much value I am getting!

    • Hi there Lynne!

      Contact me within Wealthy Affiliate. My username is Jim-bo. See you there and thanks for dropping by my site to say hello again!



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