Real Ways To Earn Money Online for The Average Joe

Are you looking for real ways to earn money online? I've got a few for you. I've listed only the most legitimate home business ideas that you can try free.  Some online jobs pay well, some do not.

Depending on how much time you have there are quite a lot of ways to make money online but I have my own preferred method which is affiliate marketing.  I like building websites with WordPress so I do not mind my job at all. In fact, love my job. 

What do I do on a typical day to earn money online?

I take care of my two young kids, who are around 5 years old at the time of writing this. Also, I build websites. I write articles, blog posts, reviews and such.

Quite often I make graphics and photos, mostly using free online methods. I'm not a brilliant artist or anything, but I have fun making pictures for all of my sites.

What else do I do? There's other stuff like...

I do keyword research before I write an article. You see I want people just like you and people just like me to come to my websites and read those articles.

They just might want a piece of the action and want to have a piece of the cake I'm recommending.  It could be something like a remote control nano drone, or a curling iron, or a baby rattle review. Next... 

What else do I do? Well, I do a bit of googling, you know, "research" stuff in my niche. I join affiliate programs and find decent products, actually, only the most exceptional products are promoted on all of my sites. 

You don't want to promote any garbage on your websites so you hand pick everything.  That rule applies to this website you are on right now.  Take my word for it, anything you see promoted, recommended or advertised on this site has been through a rigorous vetting procedure by none other than little old me. 

I have tried these things and I still use all of these things you can see advertised on this site...Next. 

How Do I Choose What to Promote on my Niche Site?'s easy.  I try them out.  If I try them out for a while I learn all about them, I experience them on my readers' behalf.  After that I use keywords related to the product (or service) and I write an article on it.  Using a free keyword research tool, that's simple! 

There's a bit more to it than that though, such as finer details like working out how to use facebook to get website visitors and how to get visitors to believe your review.  Not to mention the time it takes to build up an authority in your niche. 

The more authority you have gets you better rankings in google and then more visitors to your site.  A numbers game it is.  And that's the part of affiliate marketing or (blogging) that is the most draining of time and energy, but it is worth it, I promise you that much. 

What About Online Surveys to Make Money?

Moving onwards, there are other ways that take less effort but they don't make near as much as the above method. Those other methods also are a bit shall we say..."intrusive" into your life. I'm speaking of survey sites that offer to pay you to answer questions. 

It's a bit like selling your soul, to be honest, It was not for me that survey stuff. They wanted to know what I buy every week at the grocery stores, how much chicken I eat per week, am I vegetarian, what shampoo I use and why? Ridiculous if you ask me. 

I had one particular survey company rip me off once.  With Paid Viewpoint It took me months to make not even $4 that I never even got to cash out anyway because their minimum cashout was $15 into PayPal. 

Thanks, But Online Surveys are Not for Me!

I will never do a survey scheme again as long as I live. I'm not saying they're all bad, I think some good ones do exist but I just haven't discovered any worth telling you about here. I'd rather save you from being scammed and offer you a superior way to make money online. 

For free these days, you can create a website and make money from it. Sure you can! Believe me, I started out that way and I recommend everyone does.  Don't "buy" into anything unless you get to "try" it first. 

That's the single best piece of advice I can give to anyone who is wanting to learn to make money on the internet. Try before you pay a dime, my friends. Next... 

Eventually, when you become more serious about your work from home business you will want to re-invest some money into it.  Stuff like a premium WordPress theme can cost up to a hundred dollars. 

Stay with the free methods until you make a profit and then if you're smart, don't blow the profit on buying stuff like a bottle of wine to celebrate. Rather than doing that, plow it back into your business. You will thank yourself for reinvesting. 

What Real Ways To Earn Money Online Can You Start Free Today?

Can you make money online free? You could go out to yard sales and buy stuff for dirt cheap and resell them on Ebay. I would do that myself if I had more patience.  You could do online surveys but you'd not really benefit much financially in the long run. 

I Do Have a Better Way to Earn Money! 

What you need to do is discover your passion(s). Any topic you love is a good website idea to make money from.  If you told me that you love model remote control yachts for kids to play with on a duck pond, I could take that idea and turn it into a website that promotes amazon products on it. 

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You could build very quickly the foundation for a website, get some content on there in the form of articles that you wrote which are all about different remote control boats and then you could add some adverts to the sidebars. 

The adverts could come from amazon or somewhere else, that part is irrelevant right now.  You'll learn how to do that if you create a free account at Wealthy Affiliate. 

I would then only recommend the best stuff and promote only the best stuff on my site.  Of course, since I was an expert on remote control boats, my blog posts (articles) would be very informative and people would learn lots and lots of stuff just reading my stuff. 

You Gradually Become an Authority in Your Niche

In time, you become an authority in that niche. 

Now, let's say my site was called Remotecontrolmodelboats dotcom, yes? 

Let's say that it truly was a passion of mine and let's say that I love playing with them, building them, designing them, talking about them and reading about them. Imagine that I'm an avid RC boat fan... 

Are you getting a picture now in your mind? 

What is your passion?

Can you build a website out of it and write about it frequently?  Could you give your little website a little time to grow from a seed and mature into a giant oak tree that pays you over and over again like a cash machine?  Does that idea tickle your fancy? 

Surprisingly, not many people can. Did you know that 95%+ of people who try this method eventually give up?  It's sad but true.  But here's the do not give up. 

You keep on telling yourself that it takes time and effort.  At the beginning, the rewards are literally non-existent.  Don't give up whatever else it is that you do for money right now.  Get established before you fire your boss. 

Don't You Quit!

You have to keep going even on days you think you've had zero success.  It is cumulative in its nature.  A blog post that you write today might not make you a penny for months to come.  But it will, I promise you that. 

As your site matures and you fill it out with more articles and pictures and how-tos, then you get more visitors.  And hey!  Let's not forget there are over 2 or 3 billion people online.  That is a massive number, right? 

Can I just repeat that?  I said THAT is a massive number and a lot of those have a passion for those remote control boats and they want to buy a new one for their kids or something for birthdays and such. 

Even when just a tiny percentage of those billions of people come to your site, and only a tiny percentage of those people buy what you recommend from amazon, you get the picture, right?  You get a commission from amazon.  This is because you got them a little bit of business. 

It's a triple win because - 

  • You get a commission from Amazon.
  • Your website visitor gets valuable information and a well-recommended buy.
  • Amazon makes a sale. 

Win, Win, Win!

All completely legit, all done from home on your laptop. All quite simple when boiled down. 

But How Can You Learn This Method of Making Money Online? 

I recommend ONE thing that you must do today if this sounds like a prospect to you. Go create a free Wealthy Affiliate account. and get two free websites as a bonus. 

Yippeeeee! Next... 

This is something of a passion of mine so of course, I am going to recommend it to you because I know you are interested in making real money online.  What better could I recommend to you?  Especially since it is free to join Wealthy Affiliate then nobody loses out.  Legit, free, above board and it works. 

If you want to learn about affiliate marketing, building websites and promoting only the best stuff that you would recommend to your own mother...This is the right one for you. 

Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to build websites, how to monetize them, how to write articles and how to choose products worthy of promoting and affiliate programs worthy of joining.  It's the bee's knees and I think you'll love it if you want to learn too. 

I only recommend stuff I've tried myself and still use daily. Wealthy Affiliate is top of my list on this website. 

Can You Make Money Online without Investment?

Yes, you can. But it takes longer to achieve success. This is because you'll be reinvesting any and all profits back into your online business. Making money online without investment can be done if you're willing to be extra patient and keep it in mind that you're still in learning and building mode. 

Can You Make Money Online Fast with Affiliate Marketing?

No, and yes. It depends on your experience. If you're a beginner it's going to take a while to learn stuff that you've never done before. You have to build a foundation for your business. 

You have to learn keyword research, on-page SEO, how to write, how to use WordPress, how to choose a domain name, how to get hosting, how to promote good products, and a plethora of other things that seem never ending. The rewards are marvelous, though, if you can stick to it. 

That being said, please do not hesitate to ask me some questions about the Wealthy Affiliate website right in the comments below.  I do hope you love it as much as I do. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about these ways to earn money online. Until next time, I bid you farewell. 

Thanks for reading.

Jim. To read more about Jim and the reasons for creating this site, click here

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  1. Agreed with the comment about the survey sites. Too many people stumble upon those if they wish to make a quick buck, but the type of information that you have to give them is maybe a bit “too strong”.

    There are other way better methods to get money online rather than tell some company over the Internet what you ate for lunch today.

    Keep up this content and telling others the real truth of things!



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